Chef Steve was Phenomenal! That is not a word I use often but it’s the only one that fits.

We hosted a small wedding with our families and he made appetizers, dinner and dessert! Steve was soo professional, efficient, and kind and the food was delicious! All of the guests kept telling me how great he was and how impressed they were with him and his partner.

He was very communicative from start to finish and made it so easy. As the bride I did not have to worry about the details. He came in while I was getting ready and he set up and did his thing without our guidance making it stress free for me.

He also was very accomodating of food allergies which meant I got to eat all my favorites despite my food sensitivities! This team of 2 was more efficient than many teams I have seen that are much larger! I would absolutely recommend him. He is a pro!

– Rachel McPhee, 1/27/2021

5 stars isn’t enough.

We planned to have our company’s holiday party at the owners’ home, but with all of the distancing restrictions it came down to hosting it in the conference room in the basement of our building.

And that decision was made VERY last minute – 2 weeks from the party date.

Chef Steve was unruffled: came up with an amazing menu, came to view the facility, and today delivered a knock-out lunch. Our team devoured pretty much everything (and he’d supplied more than plenty!), and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Chef Steve, thanks for your patience, your attention to detail and for bringing such a wonderful culinary experience to our celebration! (BTW – the spinach-artichoke phyllo cups and chipotle meatballs were AMAZING!!!)

(Don’t know why this says I’m from San Francisco … I’m right here in Denver, CO!!!)

Barbra Finch, 12/11/2020

Where do I even begin with Chef Steve?

For almost a year and a half, we have been using Chef Steve to bring large meals into our office twice a month. To put it simply, he is the best, and we are so grateful that we get to work so closely with him. He is incredibly accommodating, and makes a drop off work, even if we tell him about it a week in advance. Then there’s the food, of course, which is delicious, and he is so talented that he can do and make pretty much everything. From greek bars, to ribs, to chili, he never disappoints. Lastly, Chef Steve is so kind, and he works SO hard.

Thanks for everything Chef Steve, you’re the best!

– Taylor K., 6/13/2018

The profile on this Yelp page doesn’t do him justice!!!!!!

Chef Steve is FANTASTIC!!! He came to our home for two wonderful events!

Our son’s 16th Birthday party to make it fun for us to enjoy our guests and have him create made-to order stuffed burger bar. The appetizers were unique and fantastic!!! I think Chef Steve will always remember this day, because he drove through a tornado zone!!! It was surreal!!!

I’m thinking “we shouldn’t be preparing for a party- we should be in our basement!

Obviously the guests were a bit slower to arrive – and Steve got “hazard pay” for grilling up made-to-order gourmet burgers under an umbrella on our deck!!! Then my husband hired him as a gift for our 22nd Wedding anniversary for a private meal in our dining room and we had 2 friends over. Chef Steve can make fun casual delicious food or formal and fantastic!!!!

– Susan D., Parker, CO, 4/15/2016

Chef Steve helped create a fabulous, unique cooking class event for my husband’s birthday. He was incredibly thoughtful in his menu suggestions and we developed the menu together to accommodate multiple dietary needs and preferences. His approach is to be supportive, educational, fun and engaging with a diverse group of people. The great thing about Chef Steve is that he comes to your house fully prepared for the event, flexes to the timing of your needs, and assures that you’re not stuck with a mess afterward. He is very competitive in pricing and I couldn’t recommend him more highly for a fun cooking class.

– Merrilee, April 2018


Love Chef Steve Colorado! He did a wonderful job for our Alice in wonderland party! Had great ideas to on how to decorate!
– Rhonda Frost, October 29, 2015


Steve Grindley did an excellent job catering our son’s Bar Mitzvah. He was very accommodating with our budget and menu requests and had helpful suggestions for rental companies. Steve has very courteous and professional staff who manage all the set up, serving and take down details. Steve takes pride in his cooking and his food received many compliments from our guests. Try his mushroom risotto!

– Emily Rothman


Chef Steve can pull off a complex event for a lot of people in the middle of nowhere. There aren’t a lot of chefs who can cater a Passover meal for 350 people in the desert in Moab, Utah, without running water, electricity or even shelter. He’s catered all of the Adventure Rabbi Passover and Rosh Hashanah events now for a long, long time, and we just love him.

– Jeff Finkelstein, Lead Guide, Adventure Rabbi

P.S. My kids like his Matzah Ball Soup better than their mother’s recipe.


I have known Steve for a very long time. His cooking is impeccable, mouthwatering delicious an excellently presented.

My guess have always wanted him to cook for them, and often did. However since he moved to Colorado I don’t get to enjoy his cooking as often as I would like.

I would highly recommend Steve Grindley as a personal chef all occasion or teaching chef. He excels at everything he does.

– Virginia G.


My family is pretty casual when it comes to food… but having Celiac disease for over 12 years and needing to be serious about eating Gluten Free and not having cross-contamination has made eating out a bit of a gamble and a chore instead of just fun (although much easier in the last few years now that more people know about it).

In the past I’ve considered hiring a Chef or Caterer such a luxury experience… and yet when I thought of celebrating our son’s 16th Birthday – I wanted it to be fun and a chance to meet with friends! So having Chef Steve take care of the food was one of the best experiences with a party I’ve ever had! Even driving during tornado warnings, Chef Steve was on time and had the food prep taken care of!!! It was surreal! My family and friends LOVED having made-to-order stuffed burgers “yes- he grilled in the rain!” And the salads were healthy and FABULOUS!!!!! Then my husband hired Chef Steve for our 22nd Anniversary – we knew it was going to be amazing food, so we invited another couple who has food sensitivities to join us and THEY LOVED THE HEALTHY DELICIOUS FOOD TOO! All too often dining out or catering is full of unhealthy choices — Chef Steve caters to YOUR needs! He gives fatalistic service and you can tell he really is passionate about what he does and gives you his very best!

Susan DeSylvia, M.A.
Parker, Colorado